Congleton Town Council are compiling a database of things that need attention in the town and they want to hear from you!

  Posted: 17.11.20 at 09:44 by Ruth Burgess

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The reason for this letter is to ask you all to help look out for areas that we can improve.

This can be anything from grot spots, horticulture issues, graffiti, damaged bins, broken or rusty street poles, broken or dilapidated street name signs, missing or broken railings. Potholes or decayed road surfaces etc.

All that are within council land, i.e. open spaces, pathways, highways etc.

We at the town council have been compiling a database of things that need attention to prevent a bad impression being given about our lovely town.

I suspect that most of the things that will be reported will be the responsibility of Cheshire East Highways, but there may be some that we can deal with ourselves.

If you could keep your eyes out and report any of these types of issues to us – including item, condition/damage, location (street name and nearest landmark), any photos if possible.

I will then produce a list that can continue to be updated and I will ensure that we either deal with things ourselves or they passed on to the relevant people in Cheshire East.

Thanks for your co-operation, please send any requests to [email protected]

Streetscape Development Manager at Congleton Town Council

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