Year six pupils clean up "mess" left by "litter louts" at Quinta Park

  Posted: 08.06.21 at 12:04 by Tom Avery  

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Congleton Town Council thanked year six pupils Francesca Carter and Robyn Barlow for "giving up" their time at the weekend to clear up the "mess left by litter louts" at Quinta Park.

Armed with a litter pock the girls filled a bin bag full of rubbish to tidy up the park.

Francesca from Quinta Primary School and Robyn from St Mary's Primary School along with local residents are becoming "increasingly frustrated at the mess left behind" at the park.

A Congleton Town Council spokesperson said: "Please play your part in keeping Congleton clean by following the Countryside Code for the rest of the summer. Take your litter home (or bag and leave by a bin)."

If you spot a problem, report it to the Streetscape team using the online form or call 01260 270350.

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