Local Activities For You And Your Kids During Lockdown

DO you want to make use of a free resource to help keep the kids occupied? Would you like to become part of a new local online community that's there to help?

Then Congleton Nub News and the Co-op have created just the place for you to pop in and visit.

Our new Co-op Community Chat page offers you the chance to do exactly that. It’s the perfect local place to pass on a key bit of information, highlight an event, share a memory – or simply say Hello!

But is also more than that. It’s a changing resource you can use to find things to do – particularly for children. Currently we are setting the mood for Father’s Day which will be with us on Sunday (21 June) with a downloadable drawing or painting template. It’s a great activity to do with your Dad this Father's Day. When the youngsters have filled it in, send it to us and we will share your message and work online.

And there’s currently an activity pack

When the activities are completed you can use our Co-op Community page to share them with others. It’s easy to do – and it’s backed up by our team of moderators who will ensure it’s a safe and accurate place to be.

Going forward we will have lots more giveaways, things to do and downloadable activity packs as we work with the Co-op to provide a safe, educational and fun range of things for youngsters to do. Particularly in lockdown, and through the long summer holiday to come – things have been, and may still, be tough for youngsters but this is a resource that will help with their well-being.

This free community resource is there for you and will grow to become a real focal point for our local community. Have a look today and see what there is for you to do.

To share your news - and we welcome anything you want to talk about or share - simply click our Nub It facility here and an easy-to-follow form will offer you the opportunity to share words and up to ten pictures.

Why not use it to tell us what you have been doing in lockdown? Or what events you have got lined up as the restrictions continue to ease.

Everyone needs a friend to share things with, the Co-op Community Chat page is that local friend you can use from home or your phone. We look forward to hearing from you.