Congleton News and Views resident Vet answers your questions

Vet James Ede hosted his first question and answer session over Zoom on the Congleton News and Views Facebook group last night (Thursday).

James was on hand to delve into the dangers of flea and tick bites and how they could affect pets and owners.

Further sessions are planned, so do not forget to join the ever-popular Facebook group, so you too can put your questions to James and hear all things animal health related.

In 2015, James moved from Congleton to Holmes Chapel, which is where he lives and currently works from.

He did have around 15 months working and living in Northwest London, but he is really enjoying being back in the lovely Cheshire countryside, which has been a bit of a “godsend” to him during lockdown.

James said: "While others may have learned to juggle or bake all sorts of lovely cakes (donations welcome), I've spent some of my lockdown time writing and giving presentations to pet owners on various topics of importance.

"Mainly on routine pet healthcare such as vaccinations, parasite control, and the impact that the COVID restrictions have had on how clients and pets' experience at the vets will be somewhat different now.

"The biggest online event I had was 42 attendees for my vaccinations talk."

Services that James currently offers include routine health checks, vaccinations (dogs, cats, rabbits) and routine parasite control.

For animals that he hasn't seen directly, there are limits on what he can offer, but it simply means that if a client wishes for him to examine their pet, they'd just need to give consent to their current vet for James to have a copy of the relevant history sent to him.

James has more online meetings planned, and once restrictions are lifted, he hopes to hold these as actual face-to-face meetings.

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