Social distancing plea from health chief as Cheshire East Covid-19 cases rise

  Posted: 23.10.20 at 15:28 by Tom Avery  

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PUBLIC Health officials in Cheshire East are urging people to practice social distancing as the numbers of coronavirus cases soars.

Cheshire East has seen a sharp rise in Covid-19 infection rates - there were 662 reported cases in the seven days up to October 17.

Dr Matt Tyrer, Director of Public Health with Cheshire East Council, says people must adhere to rules to protect themselves and others from the virus.

And the social distancing call of “keep your distance, two metres is best” is an easy way to remember the best way to protect each other says the health chief.

“The virus can’t spread if people do the right thing and don’t get close together. You are very unlikely to get the virus if you are two metres away from an infected person, simply because of the way the virus is transmitted," said Dr Tyrer.

"So, try and keep two metres away from anyone you don’t live with. Where you can’t, keep at least one metre away, and wear a face covering if you can.

“If you remember one thing to protect yourself and your loved ones from the virus, it’s this – 'Keep your distance, two metres is best'."

Further advice is to wash hands with soap and water for twenty seconds and more frequently and wear face coverings, particularly in situations where social distancing is difficult.

“We know that the range of guidance, advice, regulations, rules and legislation can be confusing. Things are different in different situations, such as pubs and restaurants. But the basic principle remains the same," added the health chief.

“Let’s do the right thing for Cheshire East and keep to a safe distance whenever possible, this will make it a lot harder for the virus to spread.”

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