Rotary-Congleton is launching a major new bike-riding fundraiser in June for individuals and teams

  Posted: 07.04.21 at 16:53 by Rotary-Congleton

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Rotary-Congleton is launching a major new bike-riding fundraiser in June for individuals and teams.

Called 'Bikeathon' it is hoped that teams drawn from clubs and from family members will join in and ride their bikes – or even their exercise bikes – for charity.

The event runs during the weekend from Friday 25th to Monday 28th June.

The idea is both to raise money and for everyone involved to get fit along the way.

Rotarian Eric Westwood is running the event. Mr Westwood said: "In normal times we run a Swimathon in February.

"This year that has not been possible, but the Bikeathon follows exactly the same principle.

"In fact, we are hoping that the same teams that have supported Swimathon over the years will join in and take part."

Rotary is asking cyclists of any ability to register their interests on a special Rotary Bikeathon website and to seek sponsorship.

Fifty percent of the money raised through the event will be returned to a charity nominated by the participants.

The remaining money will be used by Rotary to support deserving causes locally.

Most exercise bikes have computers that record time and distance.

For road cyclists, Bikeathon is neither an organised race nor a rally, there is no set route to follow.

Teams ride wherever they want and set their own targets, which might be either time or distance related. Sponsorship can even be a one-off donation.

Getting sponsorship is easy using either an online form or a paper form that can be downloaded and printed.

Full details are on a special event website.

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