Elizabeth's Group to revive memory of town's inspirational suffragist through online films

A group in Congleton is aiming to revive the memory of the town’s pioneering suffragist campaigner Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy through a series of online films.

Elizabeth’s Group is planning to create a series of ‘Talking Heads’ style films and they are searching for local people to take part and help bring the campaigner’s story to life.

Elizabeth’s Group, launched in May 2018, works to promote one of the town’s forgotten daughters. You can find out more on our Co-op Community Chat page here.

Susan Munro, the group’s chair, said: “What I’m hoping to do is for people to do a monologue or perhaps a character they invented themselves that would have been around at the time and perhaps known Elizabeth.

“It can be for two minutes, it could be half an hour. Just as much as the person wants to do. They would get in character, putting the clothes on and just talk to the camera.”

Some of the characters Susan suggested were one of the factory girls who knew Elizabeth from her husband’s mill, a suffragette who was on a march with her or a teacher at her school at Moody Hall.

“People will be able to learn more about Elizabeth and get more of an understanding of what the times were like. They will see what Elizabeth was up against, what she fought for and the difference the legislation she campaigned for made in people’s lives,” Susan said.

The films are the latest initiative by the group to revive the legacy of the local suffragette, along with a campaign to erect a statue of her in Congleton.

As one of three local causes in the town, the statue campaign is supported by the Co-op Community Fund. When Co-op members shop in store, one per cent of what they spend on selected Co-op branded products and services goes to support local causes.

Co-op members can choose a local cause that they want their donation to support and in Congleton, as well as Elizabeth’s Group, shoppers can support Circus Starr and Visyon.

Susan added: “We hope the films can help keep Elizabeth in the public’s mind and keep people excited and on board with getting the statue.”

If you would like to take part in the films, you can contact Susan by emailing [email protected]